My Work

Visit Sweden

Brief: Attract Western Europeans 18–25 years to visit northern Sweden.

Role: Concept, Copywriting and Art Direction.

Body Copy: This was an assignment during my course at Berghs SoC. I came up with the line: The Last European Wilderness, and created a concept with a bit of Into the Wild feeling. I also tried to write long copy for the first time. Since I always saw myself as more of a conceptual copywriter this was a big step for me. I’m actually pretty happy with the result and it’s a great feeling getting into the actual craft. In a later part of the course I chose to develop this further with a PR concept and a brochure for that concept.

Strategy and Event:The plan is to show off threatened wildlife like the arctic fox, wolverines, the sea otter and other. This campaign will show off, first hand, what we are about to lose. Norrland might be the last European wilderness and some of the unique wildlife is almost lost. The tour will travel Europe and show the animals off in different Zoos around Europe.

I chose this campaign because not only is it PR worthy, it's also relevant. New arrivals at big Zoos always get press, if it's for a limited time with a special message it should get even more. The last European wilderness, it's the last of it's kind and disappearing. Just like the animals that we will display and raise awareness for. I see this as a scalable campaign that can continue for years and even go outside Europe.

For the events I created a brochure. The thought is that the bottom half of the first page will be see-through. So that you’ll really see how the fox disappears from the landscape when you open the brochure. A campaign site will back it up with more information on both the wildlife of the last European wilderness and the travels there.